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Thorn exhibits at the Danish Outdoor Lighting Laboratory

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Oct 07, 2014

Smart lighting solutions for road lighting

The national launch of DOLL (Danish Outdoor Lighting Laboratory), at which Thorn exhibits various smart outdoor lighting solutions, took place on Thursday, 4th September. The Danish initiative with the aim to demonstrate energy-efficient "smart" outdoor lighting also obtained great international attention. LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International), of which Thorn is also a member, chose the international inauguration of DOLL on Thursday, 18th September, in Albertslund, Denmark, for their conference "City under the Microscope" to experience the DOLL initiative.

DOLL offers ample opportunities to experience Thorn luminaires in combination with lighting controls. The results are innovative, centrally controlled LED lighting solutions suitable for road and street lighting applications. DOLL's outdoor exhibition space comprises approximately 9km of roads and trails in the Hersted Industrial Park in Albertslund. The ambitious project covers a total of 1,5km2 and focuses on the many different requirements and aspects associated with outdoor lighting. Main emphasis is put on energy efficiency, CO2 emissions and the quality of light. In addition, the visitors of DOLL can experience the crucial third dimension of light, that cannot be measured or described - the visual experience of many different types of lighting that are presented.

Products shown by Thorn are:

Adelie Sun is placed in front of the entrance to the DOLL offices. Adelie Sun, is a particularly energy-efficient version of Thorn's Adelie luminaire. It is 100 percent powered by solar panels located on top of the luminaire. In contrast to other solutions where the solar cells are integrated in the column, Adelie Sun can be placed on any mast without the need to be connected to electricity. Adelie Sun was developed by the designer Morten Lyhne.

Visitors of DOLL can find further LED lighting solutions from Thorn in the areas 2, 5 and 17. Among them are Avenue D2 LED and Plurio O LED for inspiring road, paths and park lighting in area 2. In area 5 road lighting with good visual comfort and precise control of light with Oxane L LED is demonstrated. Lighting that increases the feeling of safety and security in urban and residential environments is shown in area 17 with Christian IV LED and EyeKon LED.

For DOLL, Thorn teamed up with the partner for lighting controls with the aim to present smart lighting solutions. The lighting controls make it possible for visitors to change the lighting to different scenarios and applications so that they can experience the various effects of lighting and obtain a feeling for dimming and control options.

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