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PopPack Pro battens and modules

  • PopPack Pro battens and modules
  • PopPack Pro battens and modules

Innovative new fluorescent batten range featuring patented quick-fix mounting, sensor/emergency plug-ins and attachments

  • Contemporary slimline design
  • Quick and easy installation using patented quick fix mounting plate
  • Flexibility - plug and play sensor/emergency modules for safe and simple conversion
  • A choice of attachments with outstanding optical performance

Materials and Finish

Batten: pre-coated roll form steel, white
End caps/lamp holders: injection moulded polycarbonate, white
FixExpress mounting plates: injection moulded polycarbonate, white
Sensor and emergency modules: injection moulded polycarbonate
ClipLine diffusers (T16 only): opal acrylic

Installation and Mounting

PopPack comes with FixExpress mounting plates to ensure rapid installation directly onto a surface or BESA box (for trunking via 20mm connectors an accessory kit is required). All versions have 600mm fixing centres except for 14/24W versions which are at 445mm centres. Supplied with a screw terminal block that accepts 2x2.5mm² cable and is suitable for loop in/loop out wiring. All internal wiring uses halogen free cable.
Sensor and emergency modules push fit on the ends, after the end caps have been removed, and are connected with 'one-way' plugs and sockets (not suitable for 14/24W versions)


To specify state:
T16/T26 fluorescent batten of slim cross section with open gear tray and snap on cover. With quick-fix mounting system and plug and play sensor/emergency flexibility.
As Thorn PopPack Classic

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PopPack Pro T16 (T5) batten

PopPack Pro T16 (T5) dimmable batten

PopPack Pro T16 (T5) batten with ClipLine diffuser

PopPack LED emergency module

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code

PopPack SwitchLite module

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
POPPACK SLD KIT0.2096504903

PopPack Pro ClipLine opal diffuser

PopPack Pro TwinLine clear prismatic acrylic diffusers

PopPack Pro TwinLine opal prismatic acrylic diffusers

PopPack Pro LiteLine white reflectors

PopPack Pro Wireguard kit for use with LiteLine white reflector

PopPack Pro LiteLine white reflector with satinbrite louvre insert

PopPack Pro LiteLine white reflector with white vane louvre insert

PopPack Pro Asymmetric reflector

PopPack Pro Cornice diffuser in clear prismatic