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Chalice 190 H

  • Chalice 190 H
  • Chalice 190 H

The all new Chalice 190 is a multi purpose problem solver with high versatility and excellent performance

  • New energy saving compact fluorescent lamps consume 25% less power compared to traditional versions
  • A satin aluminium reflector improves performance and extends the range up to 2x32W TC-TEL compact fluorescent lamps
  • A discrete integral 3hr LED emergency solution at the bottom of the reflector reduces charging power consumption by 60% when compared to conventional compact fluorescent versions
  • HFI-models are equipped with the latest multi-functional dimmable ballast, allowing DALI or DSI control and Corridor functionality - the choice is yours!

Materials and Finish

Body: polycarbonate, black
Mounting clips: polycarbonate, black
Bezel and frame: polycarbonate, white
Reflector: satinbrite, high purity aluminium or vacuum metallised mirrorbrite polycarbonate

Installation and Mounting

Adjustable fixing clips suitable for ceiling thicknesses from 1 - 25mm. No tools required. Cut out diameter 190mm.


To specify state:
Recessed downlight, mains/LED emergency, for horizontal single/twin 18/26W TC-DEL, 32/42W TC-TEL and 14/17W PL-R lamps. Satinbrite aluminium or vacuum metallised polycarbonate reflector choice of attachments.
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Chalice 190 H Polycarbonate reflector

Chalice 190 H Polycarbonate reflector, emergency

Chalice 190 H Polycarbonate reflector, dimmable

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CHALICE 190H PC 1x32 TC-TEL HFIFSMGX24q-30.9096240314
CHALICE 190H PC 2x26 TC-DEL HFIFSQG24q-30.9096548550

Chalice 190 H Aluminium reflector

Chalice 190 H Aluminium reflector, emergency