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CorrosionForce II

  • CorrosionForce II
  • CorrosionForce II

A corrosion resistant IP65 proof fluorescent range for use in all atmospheres laden with salts acids and mineral oils

  • LED version with unique dual light optic
  • Good resistance to chemicals and corrosion (polycarbonate free)
  • Unique shape and flush toggle design promotes easy cleaning
  • For quick and easy maintenance, gear tray simply hangs from internal clips

Materials and Finish

Canopy: glass-fibre reinforced polyester
Diffuser: PMMA with linear prisms
Gasket: expanded polyurethane
Toggles: stainless steel
Gear tray: steel, white enamelled finish

Installation and Mounting

Cable entry positions at the back and each end of the fitting. Supplied with IP65 grommet. Stainless steel quick-fix brackets supplied with each luminaire. Stainless steel toggles are captive in the canopy to prevent loss during maintenance, and steel gear tray is retained by finger operated spring latches. BESA box and conduit mounting, chain suspension and catenary suspension kits, plus through wire kits are all available. LED version: through wiring end to end is not possible but looping in and out at one end is acceptable. LSOH cabling as standard.


To specify state:
High performance, IP65, dust and moisture proof corrosion resistant luminaire with GRP canopy, PMMA diffuser and stainless steel toggles, 18-70W T26 (T8) / 28-80W T16 (T5) linear fluorescent lamps, LEDs, high frequency, magnetic, digital dimming and emergency options.
As Thorn CorrosionForce II.

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CorrosionForce II LED

CorrosionForce II T16

CorrosionForce II T16 emergency

CorrosionForce II T16 through-wire

CorrosionForce II T16 dimmable

CorrosionForce II T16 dimmable, emergency

CorrosionForce II T16 dimmable, through-wire

CorrosionForce II T26

CorrosionForce II T26 emergency

CorrosionForce II T26 through-wire

CorrosionForce II T26 dimmable

CorrosionForce II T26 dimmable, emergency

CorrosionForce II T26 dimmable, through-wire

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