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ImpactForce / PM II PC

  • ImpactForce / PM II PC
  • ImpactForce / PM II PC

High performance dust and moisture proof luminaire range with high impact resistance

  • Diffuser constructed from high impact polycarbonate
  • For easy maintenance - gear tray simply hangs from toggles
  • Captive toggles stay fixed during maintenance
  • Sensor options available for maximum energy saving potential

Materials and Finish

Body: glass-fibre reinforced polyester body
Diffuser: clear polycarbonate with linear prisms and frosted finish.
Seal: expanded polyurethane
Toggles: stainless steel.
Mounting plate: steel, white enamelled finish

Installation and Mounting

Cable entry holes at each end of canopy with optional top entries. For surface mounting, fixing centres are 18W = 450 mm, 28/36/54W = 660 mm, 35/49/58W = 900 mm. Sealing washers supplied. Stainless steel toggles are 'captive' in the canopy to prevent loss during maintenance. Gear tray is retained by spring clips and can be suspended from the toggles. Suitable to use maximum cable size up to 2.5 mm². Sensor versions can be mounted at up to 4m height, offering presence and daylight control.


To specify state:
IP67 dust and moisture proof impact resistant luminaire with GRP canopy, polycarbonate diffuser and stainless steel toggles. 18-58W T26 (T8) and 28-54W T16 (T5) linear fluorescent lamps.
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