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Reflex 5

  • Reflex 5

Fluorescent reflector luminaire for T16 (T5) lamps with industrial attachments

  • Luminaires can be installed singly or linked togehter in continuous lines (couplers available)
  • Reflector attaches to body without tools for rapid installation
  • Optional louvre for glare control
  • Optional wire guard for lamp protection

Materials and Finish

Body: grey galvanised sheet steel
End caps: white steel
Reflectors: white painted sheet
Wire guard: Zinc coated steel wire
Louvre: White painted steel

Installation and Mounting

This luminaire can be installed as a single luminaire or in continuous rows using couplers. Couplers are sold seperatley as accessories. Mounting options include surface mounting with fixing centres at mm (28W), 1130mm (35/49/80W). Chain suspension via bend out tabs located on the body with fixing centres at mm (28W), 1000mm (35/49/80W) or rod suspension via 2 x Ø17mm holes located on the back of the body with fixing centres mm (28W), 900mm (35/49/80W).

Cable entry is accessible through a Ø21mm hole located in the back of the body or by Ø20.5mm holes at either end. End caps are available as an accessory.


To specify state:
Batten that can be mounted individually or continuously using couplers, galvanised steel body, using T16 (T5) 28/35/49/80W linear fluorescent lamps. Choice of mounting accessories.
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Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
REFLEX II CPL/R T16 x20.0596260299
REFLEX II ECS T16 x20.0496260298