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  • IndiQuattro
  • IndiQuattro

A range of slim recessed fluorescent direct/indirect luminaires providing efficient and well balanced task and ambient lighting

  • Easier to install and maintain, even in shallow ceiling voids, due to new robust but slim 70 mm body with easily removed and retained optics
  • Fast access to terminal block via flap in rear of body
  • High light output and efficacy >55 lm/W, as well as luminance limit options below 1500 cd/m² or 3000 cd/m²
  • The same great looking IndiQuattro louvre and diffuser optics and a shallow coffer for good architectural integration and ceiling brightness impression

Materials and Finish

Body: white pre-painted steel (close to RAL 9010)
Coffer: sheet steel, post painted textured white (close to RAL 9010)
Diffuser: micro-perforated white painted steel or reeded opal acrylic
Louvre: aluminium in Satinbrite finish with micro-perforated white-painted steel sides

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for lay-in only into 15mm or 24mm exposed tee grids, luminaire is offered into the ceiling and simply lays onto the ceiling grid, with easy electrical connection via external access flap on rear of body. Optics are easily removed and self-retained on one side for ease of lamp access.


To specify state:
Recessed modular luminaire with slim 70 mm deep body and textured coffers for direct/indirect lighting performance, using T16 linear fluorescent or TC-L compact fluorescent lamps with HF/HFD or emergency control gear, for lay-in installation in 15/24 mm exposed tee ceilings with choice of reeded opal or micro-perforated diffuser or Satinbrite louvre attachment. Air handling versions available on request.
As Thorn IndiQuattro.

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IndiQuattro With louvre

IndiQuattro With louvre, dimmable

IndiQuattro With louvre, emergency

IndiQuattro With louvre, dimmable emergency

IndiQuattro With micro perforated diffuser

IndiQuattro With micro perforated diffuser, dimmable

IndiQuattro With micro perforated diffuser, emergency

IndiQuattro With micro perforated diffuser, dimmable emergency

IndiQuattro With opal diffuser

IndiQuattro With opal diffuser, dimmable

IndiQuattro With opal diffuser, emergency

IndiQuattro With opal diffuser, dimmable emergency