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Comfort and style: Edge lit flat panel range with unique glare control

  • Efficient LED edge lit solution with unique Glare ProTech prismatic optic for high performance optical and glare control
  • Ideal LED solution for office lighting complying with EN 12464 office lighting norms (UGR <19 in any room size and <2500 cd/m² at 65°)
  • Class leading glare control on screens and increased comfort for all users of the space
  • A direct replacement for 4x14W recessed luminaires

Materials and Finish

Body: mild sheet steel, white (RAL9016)
Diffuser: UV-stabilised, Glare ProTech prismatic optic

Installation and Mounting

Omega Pro LED is suitable for lay-in installation into 15mm or 24mm exposed T grid ceilings. The luminaire simply lays onto the ceiling grid for quick installation. For installation from below into concealed metal ceilings, versions with pre-assembled bracket (MRM) are available.
Surface mounting: collar type - fixed to the ceiling with 4 screws via keyhole slots, product to be laid in.
Suspended mounting: suspended via adjustable wire suspension (1500mm), 4 fixing points to the ceiling.


To specify state:
A versatile edge lit panel for recessed, surface and suspended mounting with LED light source with 3000/4000°K colour temperature. Compliant to DSE requirements within EN12464 providing UGR < 19 due to unique Glare ProTech prismatic optic. CRI > 80.
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Omega Pro

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