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Recessed T26 (T8) fluorescent luminaires designed specifically for 625x625mm exposed grid ceilings.

  • Square and linear options for integration into different ceiling types
  • Versions with dimmable, analogue or digital control, control gear to special order
  • Choice of mirrorbrite louvres for low glare applications or general purpose louvres

Materials and Finish

Body: white painted steel close to RAL 9010
Louvre: low irridescent aluminium

Installation and Mounting

Quick and easy to install in exposed tee ceilings using "wedge" support brackets. Attachments are held in place by wishbone springs which act as hinges for hands free maintenance and ensure continuous earthing.


To specify state:
Recessed DIN modular fluorescent luminaire for use in exposed tee ceilings for "perfect fit" appearance with Mirrorbrite <200cd/m² /low brightness louvres, continuous earth contact between body and louvre.
As Thorn Quattro +.

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Quattro + Luminaires

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
QUATTRO+ 2X36W T26 HF PXTFDG134.4496009926
QUATTRO+ 3X18W T26 HF PXTFDG134.2096009976
QUATTRO+ 4X18W T26 HF PXTFDG134.3796009982