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Quattro T5

  • Quattro T5
  • Quattro T5

Ultra shallow recessed modular T16 (T5) luminaires for exposed grid and concealed fix ceilings with choice of optic

  • Shallow (58mm) square or rectangular body with plain white side panels
  • Louvre and diffuser optics including very low glare louvre options for intensive or specialist VDU use
  • Asymmetric louvre option for wall washing applications
  • Versions with air handling functionality (30 l/s)

Materials and Finish

Body: white painted steel (close to RAL 9010)
Side panels: white painted steel (perforated for air handling version)
Louvre: aluminium
Diffuser: PETG panel with white plastic frame

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for most 15mm or 24mm exposed tee ceilings, the luminaire simply lays onto the ceiling grid for quick installation. For installation from below into concealed fixed and plasterboard ceilings, use mini-wedge brackets (supplied).
UK: Electrical connection is via flush panel mounted GST 18/4 male connector (plug) for HF WL4 versions and 18/6 box T connector for HFD WL6 versions which protrudes 30mm from back of body. E3TX versions have an additional 18/3 box tee connector (not mains rated). Appropriate female connectors (sockets) must be ordered separately (see Thorn Connect range) to electrically connect with luminaires.


To specify state:
Recessed modular luminaire for T16 (T5) linear fluorescent lamps for use in concealed fixed, plasterboard or 15/24mm exposed tee ceilings, with 58mm depth and dedicated T16 louvre or framed prismatic panel.
As Thorn Quattro T5.

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Quattro T5 Mirrorbrite louvre

Quattro T5 Mirrorbrite louvre, dimmable

Quattro T5 Mirrorbrite louvre, emergency

Quattro T5 Mirrrobrite louvre, dimmable, emergency

Quattro T5+ Mirrorbrite louvre, LOR>0.9

Quattro T5+ Mirrorbrite louvre, LOR>0.9, dimmable

Quattro T5+ Mirrorbrite louvre, LOR>0.9, integrated detector

Quattro T5 Satinbrite louvre

Quattro T5 Satinbrite louvre, dimmable

Quattro T5 Satinbrite louvre, emergency

Quattro T5 Satinbrite louvre, dimmable, emergency

Quattro T5 Diffuser

Quattro T5 Diffuser, dimmable

Quattro T5 Diffuser, emergency

Quattro T5 Diffuser, dimmable, emergency

Air Handling Luminaires

Emergency Air Handling Luminaires

625 Module Luminaires

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
QUATROT5 4X14W T16 DMB 625MM L000FDHG54.7096228437
QUATROT5 4X14W T16 HF DSB 625MM L000FDHG54.7096228439


Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONNECT T4 (BAG OF 5)2.8096200562

White side panel

White side panel, Wieland GST


IP44 Frame


Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONNECT S40.0396200559
CONNECT S6 B1.0096233052