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Equaline Mini

  • Equaline Mini

A slim LED batten with contemporary design that provides quality light to the architecture

  • Rectangular shape provides a functional profile without dominating the architecture
  • Seamless and consistent lit-line all along the luminaire's entire length
  • Anodized aluminium body brings high quality elegant look
  • Very high efficacy thanks to the use of latest LED technology

Materials and Finish

Body: extruded aluminium with anodized finish
Diffuser: opal PC plastic
End-cap: dual color injected PC plastic

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for surface or suspended (with optional suspension kit) mounting. Electrical connection either via connector in endcap (version END) or via flap in rear of body. Linear continous run by connecting output socket in endcap (all versions) and connector in next luminaire (END versions) with an optional electrical connector.


To specify state:
A slender LED batten with aluminium body and opal PC diffuser, lengths of 580mm and 1180mm. High efficacy up to 117Llm/W. Can be individual or continuous mounted. Provides lumen packages of 1050, 2100 and 4200lm.
As Thorn EquaLine Mini.

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Equaline Mini

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
EQUAMINI L1180 LED1900-830182080LED1.0422660808
EQUAMINI L1180 LED1900-830 END182080LED1.0422660816
EQUAMINI L1180 LED2100-840182196LED1.0422660812
EQUAMINI L1180 LED2100-840 END182196LED1.0422660823
EQUAMINI L580 LED1050-840101182LED0.5322660811
EQUAMINI L580 LED1050-840 END101182LED0.5322660830
EQUAMINI L580 LED950-83091071LED0.5322660806
EQUAMINI L580 LED950-830 END91071LED0.5322660814

Equaline Mini, DALI dimmable

Equaline Mini, accessories