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  • Prisma
  • Prisma

Slim LED / fluorescent luminaire with curved prismatic diffuser for surface and suspended mounting

  • Surface and suspended installation, through wiring (TW) variants available
  • Robust and IP44 sealed housing extends applications to canteens, kitchens, laundry rooms, garages etc.
  • Curved opal (OP) / clear (CL) / frosted (FR) prismatic diffuser for more visual comfort (wide light distribution, reduced glare)
  • New highly efficient LED variants (up to 120 lm/W), sensor variants for even more energy saving
  • Available in two lengths (600 / 1200mm), easy replacement of T16 with LED thanks to the same dimensions

Materials and Finish

Body: Pre-painted white 0.7mm galvanised steel.
Endcaps: Shockproof ASA plastic, white.
Diffuser: Prismatic/opal acrylic (emergency versions in polycarbonate).

Installation and Mounting

Keyhole fixing positions Ø14mm for direct mounting to ceiling, wall or bracket mounting. Twin lamp versions balanced for suspended mounting using accessories. Fixing centres: 28W-1100mm and 35/49W-1400mm. Two cable entries Ø19mm in the centre of the body (not 14W version where cable entry is at end of body) and a knockout hole in the endcaps. Grommets included. Cable capacity 5 x 2.5mm².


To specify state:
Slim LED / fluorescent luminaire with curved prismatic acrylic diffuser for surface and suspended mounting. Single and through wiring variants. Robust and IP44 sealed housing.
As Thorn Prisma.

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Prisma LED

Prisma LED, through wired

Prisma LED, dimmable

Prisma LED, dimmable, through wired

Prisma LED, sensor versions


Clear TW

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PRISMA 1X28W TW CLFDHG51.9096188005
PRISMA 1X35W TW CLFDHG52.7096188009
PRISMA 1X49W TW CLFDHG52.7096188007
PRISMA 2X28W TW CLFDHG52.3096188006
PRISMA 2X35W TW CLFDHG53.1096188010
PRISMA 2X49W TW CLFDHG53.1096188008


Opal TW

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
PRISMA 1X28W TW OPFDHG51.9096188000
PRISMA 2X28W TW OPFDHG52.3096188001
PRISMA 2X35W TW OPFDHG53.1096188004
PRISMA 2X49W TW OPFDHG53.1096188002

Prisma C

Prisma C E3

Sensor versions


Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
WIRE SUSPENSION KIT 1,5M0.1596204619