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  • Loire

Decorative luminaire for wall or ceiling mounting with dome shaped diffuser in polycarbonate

  • Sealed to IP65
  • Choice of two sizes in a circular design
  • Grille and eyelid visor options available
  • Supplied with Quick Fix Bracket for safe and rapid electrical installation

Materials and Finish

Body: injection moulded polycarbonate
Bezel: polycarbonate, black or white finish
Diffuser: opal polycarbonate or glass
Attachments: polycarbonate, eyelid or grille, black or white finish

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for surface mounting on wall or ceiling for both interior and exterior use. Quick Fix Bracket is screw fixed onto mounting surface by 4 oblong holes (4.5mm x 10mm). Mains connection via 6x2x2.5mm² terminal block. ‘Light Box’ mechanically and electrically auto-connected to the Quick Fix Bracket. For loop wiring there are two Ø20mm cable entry holes on the Quick Fix Bracket.


To specify state:
Fresh and contemporary circular luminaire for LED 1200lm, 40W E27 incandescent, 42/52/70W E27 halogen, 9W TC-S/TC-SEL, 18W TC-D/TC-DEL, 16/28W TC-DD, 16/28/38W TC-DDEL compact fluorescent lamps with polycarbonate body and opal diffuser in either glass or polycarbonate with grille or eyelid attachments and magnetic or electronic gear connected to Quick Fix Bracket.
As Thorn Loire.

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Loire Luminaires

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<LO 1x16w TC-DDEL HF PC S WHI IP65FSSGR10q0.9596219168
<LO 1x28w TC-DDEL HF PC L AL WHI IP65FSSGR10q2.0596234220

Loire Emergency luminaires

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<LO 1x28w TC-DDEL HF E3 PC L AL BLK IP65FSSGR10q2.9596234223