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Alumet Stage II

  • Alumet Stage II

More powerful, more flexible, and ready for the smart cities of the future.

Alumet Stage II is a luminaire with a huge range of possibilities. This clever and sleek column features a cylindrical diffuser with multiple light modules inside.

Alumet Stage II accommodates six modules – more than ever before – meaning luminaire light output can now reach 6 600 lm. The luminaire is capable of illuminating both horizontal and vertical surfaces, so the same product can be used to light pathways, public spaces and even façades.

The modules are available at colour temperatures of 3 000 K or 4 000 K, coloured modules can be included and controlled as dynamic RGBW or set to fixed colours. Users have the freedom to build their own configuration to suit their particular lighting requirement.

The newly redesigned Alumet Stage II is closely aligned with other products in the Alumet family, ensuring a consistent look and feel. Rated IP66
and IK10, and with a lifetime of 100 000 hours, Alumet Stage II is designed to withstand the effects of weather and vandalism, and lasts many years without maintenance. With Alumet Stage II, the urban space becomes your stage.


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