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Thorn launches high performance general purpose LED floodlight Areaflood Pro.

New from Thorn, Areaflood Pro is a general purpose outdoor/indoor area and sports floodlight. It offers class-leading optical performance and control with minimal spill light and 0cd at 90° for the comfort of users and local residents.

A low energy, low cost of ownership LED alternative to HID floodlights, Areaflood Pro is highly efficient (105-115Llm/W) and has a substantial 100 000-hours lifetime for both the LED (B10L80) and drivers (Ta25°C). Areaflood Pro offers a great lumens per size ratio with a choice of three sizes and lumen outputs from 5 000 to 35 000Llm. A compact, lightweight design (from 7kg to 17kg) makes the floodlight easy to install and retrofit to any existing column for reduced structural costs. The reversible mounting stirrup and precision mounting indicators simplify the installation while the fully removable gear tray and optics reduce maintenance costs.

Other choices within the Areaflood Pro product family include five light distributions (three asymmetric and two street optics), two colour temperatures (4000K with the option of 3000K) as well as a range of accessories (baffle or visor) and controls (including DALI, bi-power and power line or radio frequency control management system). Areaflood Pro is IP66 and IK08 rated for durability. It is available in electrical classes CL1 and CL2.

Christophe Durand, Global Product Management Director Functional Outdoor at Thorn, says: “Areaflood Pro is a new high performance LED alternative to our popular Areaflood HID range. A very comfortable and efficient floodlight family, it has a wide range of options to efficiently and effectively meet mid-power floodlighting requirements. Areaflood Pro is ideal for building surrounds, loading areas and car parks as well as non-competitive/club level sports.”

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