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New versatile post top LED lantern from Thorn

New from Thorn, FleXity is a modern and discreet LED lantern offering high performance for a fast return on investment for cityscape lighting. Versatile and efficient, it's the first decorative post top lantern in Thorn's range to respond to such a wide range of applications.

Designed to provide a durable yet attractive lighting solution for all urban applications, such as residential areas, cycle paths, building surrounds and car parks, FleXity offers an extra-long
100 000-hour (B10L80 @Ta25°C) maintenance-free lifetime with surge protection up to 10KV.

Maxime Blanchon, Global Product Manager at Thorn Lighting says: "FleXity is ideal for both new and refurbishment projects. It requires no component maintenance and has a curved self-cleaning shape to prevent the collection of dust, dirt and water. It therefore offers drastically reduced maintenance to save time, effort and money. As well as reducing maintenance, FleXity's high performance LED and efficient optical system (up to 90Llm/W), available in variants from 1450lm to 6320lm (21W to 80W), ensure excellent energy savings. These energy savings are further increased with dedicated optics and integrated bi-power dimming as standard. A range of other lighting control options, including DALI, 1-10V, minicell, Nema and presence detection, are also available."

Flat glass eliminates upward light entirely (ULOR=0) to prevent obtrusive light. A choice of diffuser variants, including clear and diffusing glass, allows optimised efficiency and comfort. FleXity is a great value, attractive and energy efficient lantern offering a fast return on investment and low total cost of ownership.

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