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Light that lasts - for any tunnel

Lighting comfort
GTLED Pro’s precise lighting distribution delivers uniform light with high comfort. Thanks to a low threshold increment (TI<6), it improves safety while ensuring optimum visual performance for tunnel users.
Long-lasting performance
GTLED Pro benefits from a long-life LED engine, thanks to excellent thermal management with no cooling fins and an anti-dust canopy design. Moreover, it uses materials that meet the highest levels of corrosion protection (C5M), to withstand the aggressive environment of tunnels.
Comprehensive range
GTLED Pro offers a wide range of optics to suit many tunnel configurations. It is a versatile solution with four luminaire sizes and remote gear boxes to fit perfectly with the four lighting zones. GTLED Pro benefits from a complete range of controls and new possibilities for continuous row installation.
Easy maintenance and installation
GTLED Pro is designed to keep maintenance simple. It can be installed quickly, thanks to its compact, lightweight design and remote gear box. It is delivered with toolless connectors and intuitive brackets for mounting.


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