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IQ Wave surface & suspended

  • IQ Wave

Thorn’s ceiling luminaire for workplaces can now be surface mounted or suspended, creating a family of fittings.

IQ Wave contributes to comfortable, healthy workplaces by lighting the task, face and space. This can be provided thanks to Thorn’s patented MV-Tech optic, which produces soft, 360° light with no visible LEDs. To complete the range, the recessed version is now joined by IQ Wave surface and suspended.

Available in 1200 mm and 1500 mm, they can be joined together in a continuous line, to create a sleek look. IQ Wave surface and suspended achieves a unified glare rating of <19, in line with the EN 12464 standard on workplace lighting. It is available with lumen packages ranging from 2 600 lm to 6 700 lm, in colour temperatures of 3 000 K or 4 000 K. The IP40 rating offers extra protection for school applications.

The special optical design achieves high efficacy, and even more energy can be saved thanks to control options including presence/absence detection and daylight dimming. With IQ Wave, building owners can have it all: energy savings, high performance, and above all, a lighting scheme that provides comfort and keeps workers productive.


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