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Piazza II LED

  • Piazza II LED

An outdoor bulkhead featuring less than 2.5% upward light and a specialised light distribution for optimal path lighting.

A new design and specialised optics make the new Piazza II LED a champion of outdoor lighting.

An efficient 106 lm/W LED light source paired with an effective light distribution increases the use of light while maximising energy savings.

The precision optics limit the ULOR 2.5% or less which reduces wasted light and light pollution. The tailor made light distribution stays close to the wall and while casting light in a wide beam to each side allowing 12 metre spacing at 3 and 4 metre mounting heights – ideal for path lighting around buildings. The addition of optional photo sensor or DALI control can provide additional energy savings through lighting control.

The new contemporary design offers a high IP65 ingress rating allowing it to be installed in harsh outdoor conditions which require protection from rain, dust and insect ingress. Additionally this luminaire offers an IK10 impact rating and comes with tamper resistant screws as standard.


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