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Plurio LED


Plurio LED minimises light pollution and prevent the light from radiating upwards. It is available either with a direct optical module or with an indirect reflector unit, enabling users to achieve the ideal light distribution and a safe, comfortable ambience.

The indirect version of Plurio LED is also the first luminaire that can be equipped with Thorn’s new NightTune technology, which tunes the colour of light to support wellbeing and protect the night ecosystem.

Aesthetic versatility

Plurio LED is available in four variants, united by a consistent look and feel. Customers have the choice of either a slim or taller canopy style, with either a curved or more angular shape. Designers can select the right one to integrate with any urban space, helping to bring character and identity to any location.

Direct or indirect technology

The Plurio family includes versions providing direct or indirect illumination. An innovative optical solution empowers Plurio LED to deliver performance, comfort and precision, providing the right solution in any outdoor situation, while fulfilling technical and environmental requirements.

It also comes with a wide variety of colour temperature options, including warm tones that breathe new life into outdoor spaces at night, while respecting the nocturnal ecosystem.

Fine-tuned colour

Plurio LED Indirect can be equipped with Thorn’s innovative new NightTune technology, to adjust the lighting level and colour temperature to match the time of night and level of traffic.

In the early nighttime hours, a mixture of cool and warm-coloured LEDs provides a moderate colour temperature (3000K). Light levels are then lowered during the middle of the night by reducing the output of the cool LEDs, so that the light becomes not only dimmer but also warmer (2200K). This respects the nocturnal ecosystem, provides a relaxed atmosphere, and saves energy. As morning approaches, the output of the cool LEDs increases once again, to provide brighter, cooler light to meet the higher safety demands as traffic begins again.

Sebastian Schade, Global Product Category Manager, said: “Plurio LED is a family of post-top luminaires that offers a broad range of advantages. Equipped with the cutting-edge NightTune technology, Plurio LED creates the best results for people and for the environment. We’ve managed to maximise visual comfort and safety feeling while reducing the impact on the nocturnal environment, so customers don’t have to compromise.”


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