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Thor Family

  • Thor

Thor is a family of smart urban lanterns and bollards for the cities of today and tomorrow.

Combining simple design with wireless connectivity, the Thor family of lanterns and bollards are prepared for the future.

Thor offers a single design concept for numerous applications. The larger Thor L lantern is suitable for major urban roads, while the smaller Thor S is ideal for paths and residential streets. A range of optics carefully tuned for different road types are also available. Thor lanterns come in post-top, lateral, suspended and catenary mounted versions. To complete the family, Thor offers a variety of different bollards ideal for plazas, pathways or parks. With a rated lifetime of 100 000 hours, the high quality materials used and the ability to monitor performance and report failures, Thor is built to last. But it’s the integrated intelligence that makes Thor truly futureproof: wireless connectivity and sensors enable data gathering, failure alerts, traffic management and dimming in response to traffic flow or daylight levels. The combination of smart controls and special optics does not only increases energy efficiency but also ensures an excellent balance between performance and comfort within the whole family.


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