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Thorn launches Thor L, a smart urban lantern for easy integration into every city environment.

New from Thorn, Thor L is a smart urban lantern featuring great light optics for high user comfort and a wide range of flexible mounting options for easy integration into every city environment. First introduced as a custom designed luminaire in the Copenhagen project, Thor L has now been included in the Thorn product portfolio.

Thor L offers a truly connected solution for smart, energy efficient lighting. It can incorporate intelligent wireless control systems and it is compatible with various communication devices, including CCTV cameras. Thor’s polycarbonate top dome allows sensors or antennas to be mounted inside the dome to meet every smart city requirements. Therefore the antenna is not visible and the design language of the luminaire is not changed by adding additional elements.

Thor L delivers a light output of up to 12 000 lumens with the choice of either a full dome or opal finish to create a lighting signature. The lantern’s high luminaire efficacy (up to 119Llm/W) provides energy savings and a low maintenance is provided through the 100 000-hours lifetime. Dimming is included as standard. Compatible with three R-PEC optics (narrow road, wet road and street comfort) the lantern allows precise light placement with no waste light. Thor L offers a flexible range of mounting options including lateral, post-top, suspended and catenary.

Exclusively designed for Thorn by Danish designer Morten Lyhne, he explains: “The biggest benefit of this lantern’s design is its flexibility. Thor L’s classic design works equally well in parks, on squares along small roads and along highways. It can be mounted on poles at various heights as well as on a wire. Thor L is unique because it can meet all urban requirements in one design.”

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