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Areaflood LED

  • Areaflood LED
  • Areaflood LED

A high efficiency LED floodlight for general purpose area lighting

  • Choice of two sizes, 9 lumen outputs (up to 17400lm), with asymmetrical light distributions for surround lighting
  • Accurate optical system with integrated visor for efficient control of obtrusive light (0 cd at 90°)
  • Bi-power versions and full dimming capabilities for increased energy savings

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium (AS12U, EN AC-47100) powder coated texturised dark grey (similar to RAL7043). Other RAL colours or special treatment available on request
Gasket: silicon (IP66 seal)
Hinges: polyamid glass fibre 20%
Glass: toughened (5mm thick)

Installation and Mounting

Reversible mounting stirrup and aiming for horizontal position is simplified via 2 indicators depending on the stirrup mounting position. Cable gland for Ø8-12mm. Drop front glass access with 2 screws (size 1) or 4 screws (size 2). Direct access to LED drivers (size 1) or access via 1 screw on LED support plate (size 2). Delivered with stirrup. Choice of spigot adaptor for post top mounting the stirrup onto a column (Ø60 or 76mm). Fixes to column with 2xM10 bolts and nuts (supplied). Stirrup fixed by 2 bolts and washers (supplied). Choice of decorative bracket arm for mounting stirrup onto column (size 1 only, Ø60 or 76mm). Fixes via 4xM8 bolts (not supplied).


To specify state:
High efficiency LED floodlight providing asymmetrical distributions with 60° peak intensity. Excellent control of obtrusive light thanks to inclined glass inside integrated visor (0 cd at 90°). Full IP66 / IK08 and easy maintenance of LED driver thanks to hinged front glass.
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Areaflood LED Size 1

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
AREA1 36L35 A/CB L740 CL1414691LED9.2996269101
AREA1 36L35 A/CB L740 CL2414691LED9.2996269095
AREA1 36L50 A/CB L740 CL1586370LED9.2996269103
AREA1 36L50 A/CB L740 CL2586370LED9.2996269097
AREA1 36L70 A/CB L740 CL1808374LED9.2996269105
AREA1 36L70 A/CB L740 CL2808374LED9.2996269099

Areaflood LED Size 1, bi-power

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
AREA1 36L35 A/CB L740 CL1 BP414691LED9.2996269102
AREA1 36L35 A/CB L740 CL2 BP414691LED9.2996269096
AREA1 36L50 A/CB L740 CL1 BP586370LED9.2996269104
AREA1 36L50 A/CB L740 CL2 BP586370LED9.2996269098
AREA1 36L70 A/CB L740 CL1 BP808374LED9.2996269106
AREA1 36L70 A/CB L740 CL2 BP808374LED9.2996269100

Areaflood LED Size 2

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
AREA2 60L35 A/CB L740 CL1667797LED18.3996269119
AREA2 60L35 A/CB L740 CL2667797LED18.3796269107
AREA2 60L50 A/CB L740 CL19210584LED18.3996269121
AREA2 60L50 A/CB L740 CL29210584LED18.3796269109
AREA2 60L70 A/CB L740 CL113014002LED18.3996269123
AREA2 60L70 A/CB L740 CL213014002LED18.3796269111
AREA2 84L35 A/CB L740 CL18910813LED19.2396269125
AREA2 84L35 A/CB L740 CL28910813LED19.2196269113
AREA2 84L50 A/CB L740 CL112714758LED19.2396269127
AREA2 84L50 A/CB L740 CL212714758LED19.2196269115
AREA2 84L70 A/CB L740 CL118419481LED19.2396269129
AREA2 84L70 A/CB L740 CL218419481LED19.2196269117

Areaflood LED Size 2, bi-power

Areaflood LED Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
AREA MTP 60MM ANT1.8096256062
AREA MTP 76MM ANT1.8096256060
AREA1 MFX DECO 60MM ANT5.2096256105
AREA1 MFX DECO 76MM ANT5.2096257925
AREA1 WG ANT1.9096255339
AREA2 WG ANT2.9096255353