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Aluminium Amenity Brackets (QCB)

  • Aluminium Amenity Brackets (QCB)

Three designs of bracket are available for use with 60mm diameter lantern spigots

  • Brackets can be mounted singly on walls via wall mounting plate (QCB WMP)
  • Brackets can be mounted singly or twin on columns via spigots (QBC S1 or QBC S2 respectively)
  • Brackets are compatible with Sphere fitting

Materials and Finish

Supplied primed for painting on site


To specify state:
Aluminium bracket arm with 60mm diameter spigot for wall or column mounting of amenity lighting lanterns.
As Thorn Reflex/Parallel/Curve bracket arm.

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Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CITY QCB BRA 0.5M MA60 PARALLEL1.5096227950