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Designed to complement the Legend range of lanterns, Sylvan columns and Legend brackets compliment the Legend styling to create a harmonised assembly

Materials and Finish

Column : Conical, tapered column in cast aluminium with laminate wood main section. Column supplied for mounting post top Legend or Sylvan bracket.

Bracket : Aluminium with Steel fixing shaft.
BILAM : Constituted with a 60 mm diameter aluminium tube, with a rectangular form (80*40 mm) sustaining the lantern and two others decorative streamed line.
EIFFEL : A cast aluminium console for a lateral mounting on a conical-cylinder steel post. fixed by two screws M8-40 on two holes 11 mm diameter

Installation and Mounting

Columns supplied as flange mounted.

Bracket :
- Bilam brackets fit post-top columns 60mm Ø , and supended (34 mm diameter) version with simple or double arm.
- Eiffel mid-pole brackets fit 60mm Ø cylindrical-tapered columns via a mounting plate with 2 fixing holes at 220mm centres.
Available to receiv
e lanterns in post top (60 mm Ø) or supended (34 mm Ø) version with simple or double arm.


To specify state : 4/6/8m conical tapered cast aluminium lighting column with wood main section. Flange mounted. With single/twin/overarm bracket/post top 76 mm shaft/for mounting legend Classic/Modern lantern.
As Thorn Sylvan column/bracket.

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Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
SYLVAN COL 6M BRAx13.1096213973
SYLVAN COL 6M BRAx20.0096213974
SYLVAN COL 8M BRAx10.0096213975
SYLVAN COL 8M BRAx20.0096213976