Dyana / DYANA 1 100W/BP7 HIDE CL1 MLE60


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  • Base: 96260997 — DYANA 1 100W/BP7 HIDE CL1 MLE60
  • Lamp: HIT-CE 100W

Data Sheet

A stylish and powerful road lantern for 1 x Light Source: 1 x HID / 100W 100W lamp with electronic bi-power control gear. With power reduction function. Body, canopy and spigot: die-cast aluminium, powder coated textured anthracite (close to RAL7043). Reflector: high purity aluminium. Enclosure: 5mm thick, toughened glass. Class I electrical, IP66. Supplied, ready to install, in a single box. Lamp to be ordered separately.

Mounting: Ø60mm side entry with 0° tilt. Adjustable to -5° tilt or post-top with 5° or 10° tilt.

Dimensions: 685 x 511 x 161 mm
Luminaire input power: 114 W
Weight: 10.71 kg
Scx: 0.035 m²

Equipped with:

    Mode selection
      • CE
      • EAC
      • IP66
      • RCM
      • Electrical class I


      Photometric configuration


      Use CalcExpress to quickly carry out quick online calculations of required indoor luminaire numbers for rectangular rooms. Enter the calculation parameters for your solution such as room dimensions, mounting height, height of the useful plane and required level of illuminance, and the site will instantly suggest a solution according to the light output ratio method.

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