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Isaro Pro

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This robust and high-performance LED street lantern brings comfort and safety to any road or street

  • Future proofing: upgrading of the Optic and Control Gear can be performed on site if required; CMS options can be incorporated /upgraded in the course of life with the 7 pin NEMA socket option; removable optic and gear assembly allows easy interchange
  • Easy clean design including flat glass optical cover and optimally sized smooth heat dissipation cover
  • Range of optics, tilt capability, tuneable flux and programmable driver facilitate optimisation of lighting design and minimisation of power consumption
  • Tool-less top opening and incorporation of Automatic Disconnect for easy, safe access and simple electrical testing or maintenance operations
  • OTHER OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE (colour temperature, controls, mounting, colour...). See myProduct for configuration options

Materials and Finish

Version GY-S: Housing, canopies : die-cast aluminium, light grey 150 sanded textured (close to RAL9006 non painted) and spigot die cast aluminium non painted
Version ANT: Housing, canopies, spigot: die-cast aluminium texturized anthracite grey (close to RAL7043),
Other RAL colours on request, additional treatment for coastal atmosphere as variant.
Glass: 5 mm thick
Fixings: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Suitable for mounting on top Ø76mm or Ø60mm (by ordering the correct version or adapter).
Suitable for mounting on side Ø60mm or Ø42mm (by ordering the correct version or adapter).
Variable tilting setting: 0° to +20° on post top mounting and -15° to +15° on lateral mounting, in 5° steps.
Cable gland for Ø8 to 12mm cable. Delivered ready to install, complete with factory fitted integral gear tray, all supplied in a single carton.


To specify state:
A state of the art, LED lighting lantern, addressing all minor road and street lighting applications. Thorn's rigorous focus on functionality needs and return on investment led to an easy to understand and service LED luminaire delivering performance and sustainability, thanks to its high quality of aluminium. It integrates the latest available technology of light source, gear and controls as an answer to the demand for energy savings and efficiency. Easy to understand, specify, install, maintain & control are all the concrete advantages offered by this rational led lighting solution ensuring the most optimised cost of ownership possible. Two spare parts defined: gear tray incl. driver, LED cover (incl. LED module, lenses and glass enclosure).
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Isaro Pro Small, Narrow road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IP 12L105-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT414649LED5.4892907693
IP 12L105-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S415036LED5.5096630678
IP 12L105-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT415036LED5.5096276037
IP 12L35-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S151942LED5.5096630675
IP 12L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT151942LED5.5096275832
IP 12L50-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT202469LED5.4892902511
IP 12L50-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S202675LED5.5096630676
IP 12L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT202675LED5.5096276036
IP 12L70-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT283319LED5.4892902710
IP 12L70-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S283595LED5.5096630677
IP 12L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT283595LED5.5096275842
IP 24L105-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT809206LED5.7096276027
IP 24L105-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S809974LED5.7096630682
IP 24L105-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT809974LED5.7096276038
IP 24L35-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT283577LED5.5392902048
IP 24L35-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S283876LED5.7096630679
IP 24L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT283876LED5.7096275858
IP 24L50-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT384927LED5.5392902049
IP 24L50-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S385337LED5.7096630680
IP 24L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT385337LED5.7096275903
IP 24L70-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT536607LED5.5392902120
IP 24L70-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S537158LED5.7096630681
IP 24L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT537158LED5.7096275868
IP 36L35-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT405351LED6.5092907299
IP 36L35-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S405797LED5.9096630683
IP 36L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT405797LED5.9096276039
IP 36L50-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT557346LED5.9092905116
IP 36L50-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S557958LED5.9096630684
IP 36L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT557958LED5.9096276040
IP 36L70-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT789817LED5.9092904894
IP 36L70-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S7810635LED5.9096630685
IP 36L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT7810635LED5.9096276041
IP 36L85-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT9411521LED9.5092910675
IP 36L85-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S9412481LED5.9096630686
IP 36L85-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT9412481LED5.9096276042

Isaro Pro Small, Wide street comfort optic

Isaro Pro Small, Wide road optic

Isaro Pro Small, Extra wide road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IP 12L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 M60 ANT151918LED5.4896275915
IP 12L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 M76 ANT151918LED5.4896275916
IP 12L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 T60F ANT W6151918LED6.2496275981
IP 12L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 T76F ANT W6151918LED6.2496275982
IP 12L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 M60 ANT283551LED5.4896275919
IP 12L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 M76 ANT283551LED5.4896275920
IP 12L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 T60F ANT W6283551LED6.2496275983
IP 12L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 T76F ANT W6283551LED6.2496275984
IP 24L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 M60 ANT283828LED5.5396275923
IP 24L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 M76 ANT283828LED5.5396275924
IP 24L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 T60F ANT W8283828LED6.4996275985
IP 24L35-740 EWR BPS CL2 T76F ANT W8283828LED6.4996275986
IP 24L50-740 EWR BPS CL2 M60 ANT385271LED5.5396275952
IP 24L50-740 EWR BPS CL2 M76 ANT385271LED5.5396275953
IP 24L50-740 EWR BPS CL2 T60F ANT W8385271LED6.4996275993
IP 24L50-740 EWR BPS CL2 T76F ANT W8385271LED6.4996275994
IP 24L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 M60 ANT537069LED5.5396275927
IP 24L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 M76 ANT537069LED5.5396275928
IP 24L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 T60F ANT W8537069LED6.4996275987
IP 24L70-740 EWR BPS CL2 T76F ANT W8537069LED6.4996275988

Isaro Pro Medium, Narrow road optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IP 48L35-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT507135LED7.4492906648
IP 48L35-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S507729LED7.4096630687
IP 48L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT507729LED7.4096276043
IP 48L50-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT729804LED7.4492906348
IP 48L50-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S7210621LED7.4096630688
IP 48L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT7210621LED7.4096276044
IP 48L70-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT10113104LED7.4492906380
IP 48L70-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S10114196LED7.4096630689
IP 48L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT10114196LED7.4096276045
IP 60L35-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT638905LED7.4492906655
IP 60L35-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S639647LED7.6096630690
IP 60L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT639647LED7.6096276046
IP 60L50-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT8912221LED7.4492907676
IP 60L50-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S8913239LED7.6096630691
IP 60L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT8913239LED7.6096276047
IP 60L70-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT12516304LED7.6092904896
IP 60L70-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S12517663LED7.6096630692
IP 60L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT12517663LED7.6096276048
IP 72L35-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT7510651LED7.6592907675
IP 72L35-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S7511539LED7.7096630693
IP 72L35-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT7511539LED7.7096276049
IP 72L50-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT10614576LED7.6592907677
IP 72L50-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S10615791LED7.7096630694
IP 72L50-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT10615791LED7.7096276050
IP 72L70-730 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT15019367LED7.7092904899
IP 72L70-740 NR BP CL1 M42 GY-S15020981LED7.7096630695
IP 72L70-740 NR BPS CL2 M60 ANT15020981LED7.7096276051

Isaro Pro Medium, Wide street optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Wide street comfort optic

DescriptionLuminaire power (W)Luminaire output (lm)   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
IP 48L35-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT507031LED7.4492911362
IP 48L35-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S507617LED7.4092905132
IP 48L35-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT507617LED7.4092904707
IP 48L50-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT729661LED7.5092911363
IP 48L50-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S7210466LED7.4092905145
IP 48L50-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT7210466LED7.4092904734
IP 48L70-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT10112913LED7.4492909037
IP 48L70-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S10113989LED7.4092905158
IP 48L70-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT10113989LED7.4092904733
IP 60L35-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT638775LED7.5092911364
IP 60L35-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S639507LED7.6092905171
IP 60L35-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT639507LED7.6092904746
IP 60L50-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT8912043LED7.5492911365
IP 60L50-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S8913046LED7.6092905182
IP 60L50-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT8913046LED7.6092904759
IP 60L70-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT12516067LED7.7092908007
IP 60L70-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S12517406LED7.6092905195
IP 60L70-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT12517406LED7.6092904772
IP 72L35-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT7510496LED7.6592911367
IP 72L35-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S7511371LED7.7092905211
IP 72L35-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT7511371LED7.7092904785
IP 72L50-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT10614364LED7.6592911368
IP 72L50-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S10615561LED7.7092905224
IP 72L50-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT10615561LED7.7092904798
IP 72L70-730 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT15019085LED7.7092911306
IP 72L70-740 WSC BP CL1 M42 GY-S15020675LED7.7092905236
IP 72L70-740 WSC BPS CL2 M60 ANT15020675LED7.7092904811

Isaro Pro Medium, Wet road optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Road comfort optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Wide road optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Extra wide street optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Pedestrian crossing optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Street comfort optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Extra wide street comfort optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Extra wide road optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Extra narrow road optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Extensive street optic

Isaro Pro Medium, Staggered road optic

Isaro Pro accessories