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Champion HID

  • Champion HID
  • Champion HID

A high performance discharge floodlight with best in class optic for control of obstrusive light

  • Compact asymmetric floodlight for 1 and 2 kW metal halide lamps, incorporating the flat glass concept and integrated visor for total control of glare and obstrusive light (0 cd at 90°), with additional accessories also available
  • Maximum optical efficiency and accurate light distribution with minimum light spill
  • Three lamp positions, adjustable on site, from just one installed position
  • Tool-free aiming in azimuth thanks to integrated aiming sights

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium (EN AC-47100), unpainted
Glass: 4mm toughened
Wiring / ignitor box: polyamide (66 V0 Black: 20% glass fibre re-inforced).
Screws: stainless steel

Installation and Mounting

Rear access to lamp with automatic power disconnection on opening of rear access door. Tool-free installation and lamp replacement. Stirrup fixed by M20 bolt through Ø22mm hole, or through Ø15mm holes. Ballast and capacitors to be mounted separately. Cable gland for Ø7.5-13mm cable. Aiming via top (door and visor) or side (ignitor box) integrated aiming sights. Scx = 0.19 m² max


To specify state:
Die-cast aluminium asymmetric floodlight for 1/2kW lamps, IP66 rated, tool-free lamp access and replacement, adjustable lamp position with internally inclined front glass and integral front cowl.
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Champion 1kW

Champion 2kW

Champion Hot restrike

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<CHAMPION HR 1KW HQITSS WIMDCable21.0096261220
<CHAMPION HR 2KW HQITSS WIMDCable21.0096261233

Champion Accessories

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
<CHAMPION NM VS REAR0.4396261971
<CHAMPION NM WG1.0596261969

Champion Gear trays

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<GB IP65 2KW 380-420V MHNSB HO/HQITSS HFMDCable23.5096262841
<GT 2KW 380-415V HIT-DE NIMDCable16.6096270876
GB IP65 1KW 230/240V HST/HIT NIMDCable14.5096012191
GB IP65 2KW 380-415V HIT-DE NIMDCable23.5096012190
GT 1KW 230/240V HIT/OS NIMDCable13.9096012078
GT 1KW 230/240V HIT/PH NIMDCable9.7496102340
GT 1KW 230/240V HST NIMDCable13.1296102388
GT 2KW 380-400-420V MHN SB HO/HQITS S HMDCable20.0096261551