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High Power Gears

  • High Power Gears

High power gears for 1 and 2 kW floodlights, installed remotely. Contains ballast and capacitors for a superior operation of the floodlight.

  • Pre-wired ready to install
  • Available in IP21 (gear tray) and IP65 (gear box) versions
  • Compatible with all lamp types, including short arc lamps with improved output
  • Suitable for standard and hot restrike ignition, ignitor not included
  • Electronic version available for flicker free operation of the Altis floodlight

Materials and Finish

IP21 gear tray: Ballast, capacitors and other components mounted individually on steel plate.
IP65 gear box: Resin encapsulated power supply unit.

Installation and Mounting

IP21 gear tray: power supply connection via 2 x 16A fuses (use cable core up to 10mm²) connection to floodlight via screw terminals (use cable core up to 2.5mm² max).
IP65 gear box: connections via cable glands, compatible with 7-14mm HO7RN-F cable, and screw terminals.

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Magnetic gear 2kW IP65

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<GB IP65 2KW 380-400V REG HO/HFMDCable22.0096263069
<GB IP65 2KW 380-420V MHNSB HO/HQITSS HFMDCable23.5096262841
GB IP65 2KW 380-415V HIT-DE NIMDCable23.5096012190

Magnetic gear 2kW IP21

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<GT 2KW 380-400V REG MHNSB HO/HQITSS HFMDCable19.0096263070
<GT 2KW 380-415V HIT-DE NIMDCable16.6096270876
GT 2KW 380-400-420V MHN SB HO/HQITS S HFMDCable20.0096261551

Magnetic gear 1kW IP65

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
GB IP65 1KW 230/240V HST/HIT NIMDCable14.5096012191

Magnetic gear 1kW IP21

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
GT 1KW 230/240V HIT/OS NIMDCable13.9096012078
GT 1KW 230/240V HIT/PH NIMDCable9.7496102340
GT 1KW 230/240V HST NIMDCable13.1296102388

Electronic gear IP21

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
<GT 1KW 230-240V HQITS-S DGE CL1 WI SCMDCable3.6096268731