High Power Gears / GT 1KW 230-240V HQITS-S DGE CL1 WI SC


Data Sheet

IP21 electronic gear for 1 x 1000W Light Source: 1 x HIT-DE / 1000W lamp suitable for the dedicated Altis 1kW floodlight in standard ignition mode, to be installed remotely in pole or dedicated cabinet. Lamp operates at 250Hz frequency, enabling flicker free operation of floodlight suitable for super slow motion camera filming.

Contains pre-wired ballast and capacitors in an IP21 enclosure for the good ignition and operation of floodlight. Ignitor not included (installed in the Altis DGE ignitor box). Integral fan for active cooling and safe operation of gear. Connection from mains and to ignitor via terminal blocks. Main supply must be fused according to local safety regulations.

Lamp compatibility: HQITS-S (OS)

Weight: 3.6 kg

  • HIT-DE
  • EAC
  • IP21
  • RCM