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High Power Gears / GT 2KW 380-400-420V MHN SB HO/HQITS S HF


Data Sheet

IP21 gear for 1 x 2000W Light Source: 1 x HIT-DE / 2000W lamp sports floodlights, to be installed remotely in pole or dedicated cabinet. Contains pre-wired ballast and capacitors for the good ignition and operation of floodlight, ignitor not included.

Ballast, capacitors and other components mounted individually and pre-wired on steel plate. Power supply connection via 2 x 16A fuses (use cable core up to 10mm²) connection to floodlight via screw terminals (use cable core up to 2.5mm² max)

Suitable with Champion, Mundial and Altis floodlights, in both standard and hot restrike ignition modes.

Weight: 20 kg

  • HIT-DE
  • EAC
  • IP21
  • RCM