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Contrast R

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  • Contrast R

A high performance symmetrical floodlight with revolution reflectors, refractors and attachments to design the light

  • Neat appearance retained across range, with integral gear for lamps from 35W to 400W
  • Wide selection of attachments, which can be used in combination, allows for a variety of beam distributions. Refractors can be rotated to give alignment of the beam profile to suit the application
  • Hinged frame for easy access to light source. Lamp replacement possible without disturbing aiming angle or removing attachments
  • Stirrup mount allows base support or suspension and aiming simplified by indicator with facility to lock memory position. Other brackets available to offer mounting on vertical surfaces and retain full adjustment in both planes

Materials and Finish

Body: die-cast aluminium, textured grey powder coated finish (close to RAL 9007). Alternative RAL colours on request.
Front lenses: 4mm toughened glass.
Attachment retaining screws: Nickel plated brass.
Reflector: Specular (HIT) or satin (HST) anodised aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Floodlight is fully adjustable on a short stirrup. Stirrup fixed to mount by central bolt hole 22mm Ø, and 2 x 15mm Ø holes at 100mm either side of centre. Aiming simplified by indicator on stirrup, locked via central 8mm Ø Allen screw. Easy access to lamp via two Allen screws. Lamp replacement possible without removing attachments. Control gear compartment, with rear access panel, fixed below body. Entry via two Allen screws. Cable gland for 7.5-13mm Ø cable. Additional knock out provided for through wiring. Attachments & Ground Recessing Boxes available.


To specify state:
Symmetrical distribution floodlight to accommodate 35W to 400W lamps, IP65 protected, integral gear, and optional control attachments.
As Thorn Contrast R.

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Contrast R Size 0 complete fittings

Contrast R Size 0 bodies

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONTRAST R0 E275.0096002486
CONTRAST R0 E27/HIT5.0096012294
CONTRAST R0 G125.0096002487
CONTRAST R0 PG125.0096005840

Contrast R Size 0 gears

Contrast R Size 0 attachments and accessories

Contrast R Size 1 complete fittings

Contrast R Size 1 bodies

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONTRAST R1 E408.1096002440
CONTRAST R1 G128.0096002441

Contrast R Size 1 gears

Description   TypeSocketWt (kg)SAP Code
CONTRAST 1 GT 100W 230V HSTSTE401.7096005844
CONTRAST 1 GT 100W 240V HSTSTE401.7096216046
CONTRAST 1 GT 150W 230V HITMTG122.4096002446
CONTRAST 1 GT 150W 230V HST2.3096002445
CONTRAST 1 GT 150W 240V HIT-CEMTG122.4096011417
CONTRAST 1 GT 150W 240V HSTSTE402.3096011309

Contrast R Size 1 attachments and accessories

Contrast R Size 2 complete fittings

Contrast R Size 2 bodies

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
CONTRAST R2 250W HIT E4011.2096002514
CONTRAST R2 400W HIT E4011.2096002439
CONTRAST R2 E4011.3096002408

Contrast R Size 2 gears

Contrast R Size 2 attachments and accessories