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Gotthard Aluminium

  • Gotthard Aluminium

A broad range of luminaires for lighting road tunnels and other tunnels, subways and underground passageways.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Continuous closing clip
  • Front opening without tools
  • Removable gear and easy access to lamp and connections

Materials and Finish

Housing - extruded AIMgSi aluminiumn powder coated 80 microns.
Hinge and locking bar of extruded AIMgSi anodised aluminium.
Enclosure - 5mm thick toughened flat glass.
Reflector - 99.8 % pure aluminium.

Installation and Mounting

Direct fixing on walls or ceiling via 2 profiles grooves at the bottom of the housing.
Terminal block, fuse, cable glands, sockets, cable length, fixing brackets supplied to meet project requirements.


To specify state : Tunnel lighting luminaire for sodium or fluorescent lamps. Designed to comply with EN60598-1/IEC598-1 and EN60598-2-3/IEC598-2-3.
Class I Electrical.
IK08/5 Nm. IP66.
As Thorn Gotthard Aluminium.

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Gotthard 7823

Description   Wt (kg)SAP Code
<7823E 150W HID M3214.7096209949
7823E 100W HID M3214.5096209197
7823E 250W HID M3214.7096208944
7823E 400W HID M3216.1096208943
7823E 70W HID M3214.5096209293

Gotthard 7826

Description   TypeWt (kg)SAP Code
<7826N 55W QL ESH TW 2M32FSG14.0096209163