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Software Downloads

Thorn Lighting is committed to providing lighting software tools to support.

Thorn Product Explorer 6.8 (plug-In for Dialux and Relux)

Use the data plug-in to download to your computer the current data of Thorn products to be used in DIALux and Relux.

Thorn Product Explorer 6.8 (Plug-In for DIALux and Relux) [ZIP/246MB]

ecoCALC - balancing lighting quality, efficiency and costs

You can use ecoCALC to calculate and compare the economic efficiency of lighting solutions. Not only investment costs are calculated. Monetary aspects of resource-conserving lighting are also taken into account, e.g. CO2 emissions and maintenance costs.

ecoCALC 5.1.0 [.exe/92,5 MB]


Only perfect interplay between various elements of light can produce a harmonious lighting solution which is geared towards users' needs. Now you too can create lighting scenes to suit your taste, whilst still ensuring optimum energy efficiency.

VIVALDI stands for:
VI – Virtua
VA – Variable
LD – Lighting Design tool for
I – Intelligent ELI/LENI Management



You can download a wide range of families, both interior and exterior for use in Revit.  All families are currently in Revit 2015 format. BIM is currently one of the fastest evolving aspects of construction today and these models are becoming essential for all businesses to access.

REVIT BIM Families


Here you can download entire sets of photometric data in LDT format. All colour temperatures, optics, LED count, drive currents are available.

Outdoor LDT families

* For further software downloads please contact us!