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In any smart city design lighting plays a prominent role. At a time of significant technological change, the evolution of LED from an innovative to a mainstream and leading light source has impacted positively on energy use and carbon emissions.

LED sets new challenges for designers and users alike, introducing new legislation, terminology and sometimes misunderstanding.

At the heart of Thorn’s drive to help our customers understand these challenges we have introduced an LED Terminology guide to explain the common terms and their meaning. You can download this guide at the bottom of this page.

Visit our Smart Building Experience

Our interactive online tool will help you discover the most suitable LED lighting and controls for buildings and surrounds, and see some of the more imaginative ways our products can be used in energy intensive environments. Complete with all the common spaces you would expect to find in a smart building, simply select a specific area for best practice advice, product information and lots more.

Our Smart Building Experience is part of our broader Smart City Experience, and it is updated every time a new product is launched so you can be confident you are viewing and comparing our very latest products. To view our newest LED products, please visit the Smart Buildings Experience now.

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