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InCity – Connectivity Systems

Control the lighting of a whole city from a simple dashboard, without having to leave your office. That’s the power of InCity, our state-of-the-art intelligent outdoor lighting system. Combined with service and support from our expert team, InCity enables you to revolutionise your lighting, with confidence.

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Good for people, the environment, and your finances

InCitydims lights that aren’t being used — like when there is no traffic or pedestrians around. That cuts energy consumption, which saves moneyand reduces CO2 emissions.

By lowering light pollution, you also help residents get a good night’s sleep. And because InCity predicts when luminaires will fail, it’s easy to schedule maintenance for a time that suits everyone.

Good for safety

InCity automatically switches lights on when and where they are actually needed — like when someone goes jogging in a quiet area at night.
It also increases light levels at the right times, such as during rush hour — so you can make sure people always feel safe and secure.

And if something unexpected happens, such as a road accident, InCity can help the emergency services by immediately providing full illumination.

Flexible, adaptable and friendly

InCity is easy to integrate with other systems, and it adapts effortlessly as circumstances or applications change.

For instance, if you need to alter the flow of traffic in a particular area of the city, you can instantly reprogram your lighting to match — without ever having to go on-site.

The smart city just got smarter

The current benefits of InCity are only the beginning.

As InCity expands, with luminaires and sensors collecting valuable data about weather conditions, air quality and noise in your area, a whole new world of opportunities and applications begins to open up.

So InCity grows with you, and evolves with new technology.