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LED spotlight for 3-phase track installations or CONTUS continuous-row systems

  • GRAFFITI offers two lumen packages in one compact size (Ø95mm) 2800lm and 3600lm in CRI>90 and in two colour temperatures 3.000K and 4.000K
  • Available for both key lighting infrastructures: 3-phase track and Thorn CONTUS trunking
  • High-quality, low-glare spotlight for Retail applications with up to 130lm/W for reduced energy cost
  • Integrated in-house driver for an overall clean design aesthetic

Materials and Finish

Housing: Die-cast aluminium
Colour: Black or white microtextured paint
Fronting: Black
Reflector: Aluminium sputtered PC reflector

Installation and Mounting

3GU version: spotlight can be installed and de-installed tool free via 3-phase track adapter
Wall mounting not permitted; not suitable for point outlet
CONTUS version: spotlight fixed via CONTUS to the trunking using CLIX technology


To specify state:
LED spotlight with stabilised colour temperature (warm white / cool white), optimised for high-output accent lighting. Switchable luminaire, correlated colour temperature is 3000/4000K with CRI>90 and a chromaticity tolerance of 3. Lifetime is 50,000 hours (L70). Spotlight rotatable through 360°and pivotable through 90°. Aluminium sputtered PC reflector, highly specular, iridescence-free, designed to be interchangeable and retrofitted.
3GU version: can be installed and de-installed tool-free via 3-phase track adapter
CONTUS version: spotlight fixed via CONTUS adapter plate to the trunking using CLIX technology
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