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Keep the noise down!

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Acoustic luminaires from Thorn are top of the class for noise levels, light quality and energy efficiency.

High noise levels are often seen as just another difficult factor that teachers and students have to deal with. Modern concrete walls, hard flooring and large amounts of glass all reflect (rather than absorb) sound. The echo effect created by this situation can make it difficult to hear the teacher speak, causing students to raise the noise level even further by chatting amongst themselves. Now sound-absorbing Arena Symphony LED luminaires have been shown to improve acoustics and therefore play an active role in boosting learning success.

A classroom and corridor area have been fitted with innovative acoustic luminaires from Thorn as part of a pilot project in the Neue Mittelschule (New Middle School) in Anger in the Austrian federal state of Styria. The suspended sound-absorbing luminaires, which feature both direct and indirect lighting, have also made a great visual impact by creating a modern image and generating a completely new atmosphere in the classroom.

The Arena Symphony suspended fitting combines LED modules with sound-absorbing material inserts. Clients can also specify blank modules made from acoustic material in the same design, helping this versatile system to meet the technical lighting and acoustic requirements of any space.

The LED luminaires in the refurbished spaces have saved 45 per cent energy, delivered an even lighting level of 300 lux and cut the reverberation time1 in half. Head teacher Karin Strassegger sees the specification of Thorn Arena Symphony luminaires as a major step forward for everyone involved, with an overwhelmingly positive response from both teachers and students. The local education authority for the Austrian county of Styria has also declared the pilot project a success: “This modernisation has significantly improved the learning environment for students and the working conditions for teaching staff.”

Photo Credits Thorn

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