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Thorn at Light + Building 2018

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Thorn Lighting will be presenting a series of high-performance, cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions at Light + Building 2018 under the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Performance”.

Thorn Lighting will be presenting a series of high-performance, cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions at Light + Building 2018 under the motto “Lights. Connectivity. Performance”.

Flexible lighting solutions are becoming more and more important – in everyday life, in work and in industry. These solutions adapt to suit the needs of users, changes in urban infrastructure and the demands of the modern working world. Thorn is supporting this exciting change by providing reliable, high-performance lighting products that offer the chance to integrate intelligent controls. High quality standards and a real focus on efficiency make Thorn a reliable performance brand. The company will be presenting itself and its products at the Light + Building trade fair on the Zumtobel Group stand (Hall 2.0, Stand A30, B30/31) under the motto “Lights, Connectivity, Performance”.

Thorn Lighting will also be marking its 90th anniversary in March – another reason to celebrate! Over the last 90 years the brand has become a leading player in the lighting industry and a global provider of outdoor and indoor lighting, offering products that are especially efficient and effective – and always available at the right price. Every solution is designed to perfectly meet the needs of Thorn's core applications, which include Urban Life, Office, Education and Industry. 

Light quality and added safety improve living standards in towns and cities “Smart Cities” – the cities of the future – need smart lights and flexible installations that increase the safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors. For example, intelligent controls can dim the lighting at night in quiet residential areas – and therefore no longer disturb precious sleep patterns. During the rush hour, on the other hand, the light level can be increased to ensure the best possible illumination and better road safety. Thorn offers products such as the versatile and energy-efficient Flow outdoor fitting for Smart Cities, guaranteeing flexibility with a wide range of optics and mounting options.

Light that makes a real contribution – lighting comfort for offices

Perfect office lighting focuses on the needs of people to create a productive, pleasant and healthy atmosphere. Light has to have a positive effect on three key factors: the task, the office environment and employee communication. During conventional desk jobs, in online meetings or for mobile working – the lighting must always be adapted to suit specific work requirements and therefore effectively help employees with different tasks. Light in the modern workplace also has to support interaction in meetings, group work or video-conferencing. With the IQ Wave product family, Thorn has developed a range that takes all these factors into account to deliver perfect office lighting. IQ Wave offers integrated controls and is an ideal choice for renovation projects.

Better light quality, less noise and energy-efficient lighting for improved learning

Concentration is essential for education and training. However, high noise levels and echo effects often make it difficult for anyone to concentrate – especially in modern buildings with concrete walls, hard floors and large glass surfaces. This is exactly where sound-absorbing luminaires make a difference. They improve the general acoustics and provide more even illumination, which can have a real positive influence on learning success. This is certainly the case in the New Middle School in the Austrian town of Anger. A classroom and a corridor have been equipped with energy-saving Arena Symphony LED acoustic luminaires from Thorn as part of a pilot project, leading to a major reduction in distracting noise pollution.

Industry products with added protection against dust and moisture

Flexibility and reliability play a vital role in industry – especially when it comes to lighting. Luminaires have to deliver the best light for the most varied environments: in production areas, in high warehouses and in damp or dusty atmospheres. As a result, these solutions need to be particularly adaptable, resistant and robust. The Thorn industrial portfolio features perfect solutions like Aquaforce Pro – an evolution of the Aquaforce range. This cost-effective and energy-efficient solution is easy to install and requires little maintenance.

Photo credits: Thorn

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