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Thorn’s smart IQ Wave brings comfort and quality lighting to offices and schools

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The IQ Wave family creates comfortable light for healthier, more productive spaces with the flexibility of different mounting options to suit various design preferences

Thorn has focussed on three key factors that define great office lighting and fulfil user requirements to create the new IQ Wave family. Building on the understanding of how light affects people, IQ Wave provides light to support comfort, alertness and happiness in offices and schools taking in to consideration the variety of different functions, forms of communication and physical nature of modern offices. In short: Task – Face – Space.

  • Task – First of all, the light has to effectively support employees in their daily tasks. Modern office spaces are home to many different ways of working: from traditional individual work at a desk to the use of mobile devices, team working and online meetings. These different methods are highly dependent on communication and characterised by employees working together. Providing the right uniform light level is therefore crucial, with European standards stipulating between 300 and 500 lux, depending on the exact nature of the activity.
  • Space – Alongside the actual working areas, it is important that the general office illumination is designed and realised in a way that supports a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Diffuse light and a mixture of vertical and horizontal lighting create spaces where people can concentrate and work in a relaxed manner, while brightly lit ceilings and walls provide additional comfort.
  • Face – As the focus is very much on personal communication in the contemporary working environment, lighting has to support human interaction in every space - whether it is in a meeting room, a break-out area or a video conference. Three requirements should be met to make sure individuals can clearly see the gestures and facial expressions of conversation partners: a cylindrical illuminance of 150 lux at head height, strong modelling characteristics and good colour rendition for faces.

Thorn has taken these three aspects into account to develop the special features of the new IQ Wave family. The patented MV-Tech optic creates uniform, pixel-free light - without direct visibility of the individual LED points. The direct/indirect light distribution is achieved with the help of a special reflector and ensures perfect lighting for he various tasks, the general space and the different forms of personal communication between colleagues.

The range of integrated control systems such as daylight, presence and absence detectors with PIR and microwave sensors, along with a wireless radio sensor, support further energy savings and empower users to manage their own lighting scenes. IQ Wave achieves a unified glare rating of <19, in line with the EN 12464 standard on workplace lighting. It is available in recessed, surface-mounted or suspended versions, all sharing the same comfortable, glare-free illumination and modern, simple look.

The recessed version is available with light intensities of 3100 and 4100lm, and colour temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 6500K. The surface and suspended versions are available with lumen packages ranging from 2600 to 6700lm, in colour temperatures of 3000K or 4000K.
The surface and suspended versions are available in 1200mm and 1500mm lengths, which can be joined together in an unbroken line, to create a sleek, minimal look. Rated IP40 for protection against moisture and dust, IQ Wave meets the right standards for schools as well. The surface and suspended versions will be available from 30th November 2017.

Thomas Andres, Global Product Manager: “Employers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of people’s wellbeing in office spaces, and the influence that light has on this. With IQ Wave, businesses can have it all: energy savings, high performance, and above all, a lighting scheme that provides comfort, keeping workers productive.”

Photo credits: Thorn

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