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Want to become a lighting expert?

Want to become a lighting expert?

Need help finding your way through the world of lighting? Our partner and customer training can help you navigate through the tricky parts of any project and deal with any difficult issues that may crop up during the lifetime of your lighting solution. Our aim is to boost your technical knowhow by offering a range of training options. Let us know what aspect of lighting you need to be an expert in - and we’ll get you there.

Full-service training

We offer training and support for every aspect of your lighting project - planning and design, commissioning, maintenance, operation or even just getting the most out of your building.

Training methods

We have a variety of training options, depending on your requirements. Everything from a quick overview to in-depth courses, from self-study to structured lessons on our e-learning platform, and from hands-on training in our professional training center to on-site sessions with your new lighting solution.

Who can benefit?

Our training sessions are specially designed for planners, electrical designers, electricians, commissioning technicians and engineers, system experts, maintenance personnel and facility managers - and, of course, the actual users of the building.