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10 advantages of LEDs vs. conventional lighting technologies

May 28, 2020

Change the game

Every once in a while, an athlete comes along that clearly outshines the rest, changing the game forever. Sometimes it’s a technology, as in the case of light emitting diodes or LEDs. Already quite commonplace at smaller sports facilities, LEDs are now increasingly replacing conventional lighting solutions such as HID installations at large stadiums and arenas – and understandably so. Here are 10 good reasons why.

10 advantages of LEDs vs. conventional lighting technologies

1. Lifespan

In terms of the operating life, LED luminaires are far superior. They last 4-5 times longer than any other lighting technology. What’s more, they lose their lumen efficacy much more slowly over time as compared to MH HID technology, delivering far better performance over a much greater lifespan. That translates into lower maintenance and material replacement costs – also less waste for landfills.

2. Efficiency

Another category in which LEDs clearly outscore other lighting solutions is energy efficiency. LED luminaires deliver excellent luminous performance with reduced power requirements. Replacing conventional sports lighting installations with a modern LED floodlight like the new Champion LED from Thorn can result in energy savings of up to 35%.

3. Costs

LED sports lighting systems generally cost more than other solutions to purchase. However, they are very economical to operate after that. Through the energy savings they provide over time as well as their reduced maintenance and parts replacement costs, LED solutions offer a far better return on investment over life.

4. Colour

Colour rendition is particularly important for sports venues that host HD TV broadcasts. The Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) is used to evaluate the light quality of luminaires. It also assigns a colour value on a scale from 0 to 100. The advanced LED floodlight Altis from Thorn scores 90+ on the TLCI.

5. On the spot

Unlike other sports lighting solutions, LED installations shine at full brightness the moment they are switched on. They require no time to warm up and their light output does not depreciate as quickly over time.

6. Focus

HID as well as other technologies deliver omnidirectional light, meaning that a great deal of the emitted light is scattered and wasted. They tend to illuminate far more than the targeted area, even with reflectors. LED light, on the other hand, is very focussed. Essentially, 100% of the emitted light can be specifically directed at the area needing to be illuminated.

7. Light pollution

Thanks to its directional lighting capabilities, LED lighting naturally helps to minimise light pollution. The intelligent floodlight design of the Champion LED incorporates reflectivity visors that further curtail spill light from negatively impacting the surroundings of sports venues. By focussing light forward with a defined cut-off, it also greatly reduces upward lighting effects resulting in artificial sky glow.

8. Environment

In addition to helping to minimise light pollution, LED solutions require very little energy to operate as compared to other lighting technologies. Consequently, they create far less greenhouse gas emissions. They are not manufactured with harmful chemicals such as mercury or lead that pose a threat for the environment or public health.

9. Durability

LED lighting solutions are a solid deal, quite literally. LED lighting is often referred to as solid-state lighting given the fact that it uses semiconductors. As opposed to other light sources such as vacuum or gas-based technologies, LED luminaires are much more resistant to vibrations, impact and extreme environmental conditions.

10. Creativity

Advanced LED solutions can be operated at virtually any level of their rated power, making them very easy to dim. In addition to their superb colour rendition, they can be combined with state-of-the-art control technologies like DMX from Thorn for countless spectacular lighting effects. Each point of light can be individually controlled. Colour-effect fittings also support creative colour changes.

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