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Apr 12, 2021

April 2021

At Thorn we believe in making durable products that contribute to a more sustainable economy. We strive to reduce the consumption of resources through environmentally conscious manufacturing processes, to optimise durability and longevity for our customers. Each Thorn product takes into account the following 6 critical factors that ensure luminaire durability.

By trusting in Thorn you will experience the benefits of true durability.

1. LED consistency

LEDs used in our fixtures are tested and certified to last. We select the best suppliers to achieve a lifetime of chromaticity stability across all variants of products included in the same lighting project. The white LEDs used in our luminaires are classified based on chromaticity, lumen output, and forward voltage.

Crucially with multi-LED optics, this accuracy guarantees light uniformity out of a luminaire, even if an

individual LED should fail.

2. Thermal optimisation

In our dedicated testing labs, we ensure compliance to all relevant safety standards including EN60598-2, whilst ensuring reliable operability within severe, hot and harsh environments.

We perform thermal and fluid-dynamic simulations, to optimise the geometry of our products to guarantee safe operation, and lifetime performance. All the components used in our fittings are rigorously tested to achieve these standards.

3. Integrated design

Fixtures intended for extreme or volatile conditions require specialised, high-temperature capacitors, magnetics, and high-voltage semiconductors that can

withstand the rigors of the environment.

Our durable fixtures use a closed-loop, integrated design process whereby each purpose-built component is specifically configured to work together to deliver

thermal, mechanical, optical, and electrical performance.

4. Led robustness testing

Robustness testing involves subjecting production samples to a variety of extreme conditions to mimic the application environment.

Thorn’s robustness testing process safeguards the ability of a product to perform reliably in its intended environment.

This confirms our design and production processes yield products that can withstand higher levels of stress than would be expected in normal operation.

5. All-around durability

Thorn products incorporate materials and technology to prolong the life of your lighting installation, delivering performance in coastal and chloride rich environments.

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two different metals are in direct contact in the presence of an electrolyte. For example, stainless steel fasteners in contact with aluminium alloy can create galvanic corrosion, and lead to mechanical damage unless protective measures are taken.

For the best possible corrosion resistance, many product ranges feature special coatings on critical parts (screws, latches, nuts and bolts), with the best-in-class EN AC-44300 alloy and specialised paint, which defends against corrosion, and complies with C5 class, the highest, in accordance with ISO 9223.

6. Protection against electrical surges

To protect against overvoltage resulting from atmospheric events, Thorn offers the option of a surge protection device providing protection up to 10kV,

assuring additional safety, and a longer lifetime for lighting solutions and installations.

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