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Apr 12, 2021

Innovation and lighting quality help to create a more sustainable future where people, places and the planet can all benefit equally.

At Thorn we are dedicated to respecting the environment by optimising the durability and longevity of products, allowing the conservation of energy, supporting increased corporate and social responsibility, protecting delicate ecosystems and making the right material choices, all without reducing the standards of services and solutions we offer.

The changes we have made over recent years contribute to us offering customers the best sustainable lighting products.

Our approach to sustainability is summarised in the following 6 principles.

By trusting in Thorn we will help you to create a more sustainable future.

1. Circular economy

Thorn aims to improve resource efficiency through better waste management. Focusing on minimising and preventing waste throughout a product’s lifecycle and recycling valuable materials. With the adoption of the BS 8001 standard Thorn aims to implement circular economy principles within its business processes by 2021.

2. Energy savings

Intelligent controls, innovative optics and LEDs all play a part in providing better lighting whilst consuming less materials and energy. For Thorn, the challenge is to generate energy savings without compromise on any level.

Thorn also takes into account additional sustainability aspects in the production environment. This includes optimising the use of resources in order to ensure careful utilisation and low losses as well as avoiding any surplus production.

3. Sustainable material choices

We choose materials that will prolong a products life, delivering performance even in coastal and chloride rich environments.

Many product ranges feature special coatings on critical parts to comply with C5 class in accordance with ISO 9223.

We perform robustness tests to guarantee product durability in all intended environments.

4. Environmental product declaration (EPD)

We provide Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) as standard. This allows insights and detailed information on the life-cycle performance of products and the environmental impact of the materials and components used. They also detail functional and technical properties and end-of-life considerations.

Further assessment factors include the acidification, eutrophication and global warming potential of a product. The information given by an EPD is relevant for environmental certifications such as LEED, BREEAM or ÖGNI and it also helps customers select the most sustainable products.

More information can be found on our website.

5. Constant research and innovation

We build on our 90 years of expertise and experience to make sure that we are always ahead with the latest technology, the most reliable services and prices that work for everyone.

For decades Thorn has been at the forefront of lighting technology. The in-house R&D and innovation experts push lighting engineering and electronics further to bring customers the very best possible solutions.

6. Corporate social responsibility

Today corporate responsibility is not passive, it’s active. It plays a huge role in how a company is perceived publicly, and it forms part of a corporate identity.

In May 2020 the Zumtobel Group Thorn’s holding company, was awarded a Silver medal for its commitment to sustainability by the international and independent rating agency EcoVadis.

By working with Thorn you have a partner that supports your corporate social responsibility.

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