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Areaflood Pro 2

  • Areaflood Pro 2
Aug 09, 2023

Illuminate the Night Responsibly with Areaflood Pro 2

Our application versatile functional floodlight family with advanced optical performance.

The optimised Areaflood Pro family has been developed with dark sky sensitive principles in mind. The optics provide exceptional performance while minimising light spill and the luminaire offers 0 % ULOR when mounted at 90 degrees, safeguarding the night-time environment and reducing light pollution.

But not just that – the design of Areaflood Pro means that although it is slim and lightweight, it’s robust and low maintenance thanks to the highest quality materials used. A rated lifetime of up to 100,000 Hrs L95 and tested to C5 corrosion resistance ensures it’s ready for even the toughest of environments.

A choice of five sizes and multiple optics ranging from 4000 lm to 100 000 lm with multiple light distributions provides suitable options whether you’re choosing Areaflood Pro for area floodlighting, sports or road applications.

With its integral control gear and light weight, Areaflood Pro 2 is ideal for refurbishment projects where the change from old lamp technology to LED can offer significant energy savings and reduced maintenance visits.

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