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Be ready. Be future proofed

Mar 29, 2021

Today, cities and urban spaces not only need the right luminaires delivering the correct light, they also need luminaires that are ready for a smarter future. A future that considers evolutions in technologies, monitoring CO2 levels, urbanisation, traffic flow and multiple other factors. To be compatible in these modern city networks luminaires must be interoperable and as flexible as possible. That means that a wireless technology from vendor A must work with, for example, a motion sensor from vendor B. To enable this Thorn manufactures luminaires with a Zhaga interface as standard, and to further improve on this we now are beginning to manufacture to the latest ZD4i certified standard.

Global standards

The Zhaga consortium’s mission is for standardisation in interfaces in order to improve interchangeability and most importantly interoperability in LED lighting, globally. By meeting their standards we create luminaires that are designed to benefit everyone in the supply chain and most importantly of all, the end users. The Zhaga interface provides access to a wide choice of control solutions optimising luminaire compatibility with advanced lighting features that help plan, monitor and control outdoor lighting networks.

Their mission is in line with Thorn’s ambitions for its products and services. Improving the products for our clients is imperative. We want to make our luminaires accessible to more networks, to increase their efficiency in our client’s projects, networks and cities. We also want to bring added value wherever possible.

A combined intelligence certification

Now with the introduction of the combined DALI Alliance/Zhaga certification ZD4i, we can take that standard of our products one step further. Today, we are beginning to roll out the ZD4i certification across our product portfolio. This certification is the ultimate seal of quality for a future proofed luminaire.

The DALI Alliance (also known as the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, or DiiA) are another important consortium created to improved interoperability and additional functionality for intelligent lighting control (DALi lighting control). They have the D4i standard for intelligent, IoT-ready luminaires to ensure a certain level of compatibility between different vendors devices.

The ZD4i certification usurps dual certification, meaning that it complies with the DALI Alliance DALI-2 and the newly created DALI4IoT (D4I), and that it also has a Zhaga Book 18 ed.2 interface integrated inside. Meeting this standard creates intelligent, IOT ready luminaires that are compatible, interoperable, cost effective and ready for a smart future.

This standard means truly intelligent luminaires

Future proofing networks  

Luminaires that meet the ZD4i standard will have a certification mark next to the interface port, and here you can connect other devices that are compatible with ZD4i, making it easy to connect the luminaires to the digital world at any time.  This ensures truly intelligent luminaires that are ready for the demands of urban space and the cities of today and tomorrow.

Public lighting has the potential to become the pulsing veins of all modern digital cities around the world, coursing with the data that will tackle future challenge. With ZD4i luminaires the future is set to be an intelligent one.

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