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Just that bit better than the rest

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Jan 04, 2018

IQ Wave awarded 5 stars by Lux Review

The trend of replacing conventional solutions with more efficient LED lighting is stronger than ever. Lots of companies are looking for direct replacements of 4 x 18W T8 fluorescent or 3 x 16W T5 fluorescent units in their workspaces. Alan Tulla, Lux Technical Editor and independent Lighting Designer reviewed different LED ceiling panels for offices and rated them depending on price, quality and appearance. Our IQ Wave received the highest rating of 5 stars, here is why:

Alan's review:

This is a perfect example of what you get when you pay more for your panel. It’s packaged properly; it’s solidly made of steel and aluminium; it’s easy to install and connect the mains cable; the white paint in the optical system is 90 per cent reflective; you can’t see the LED source; the polycarbonate, prismatic diffuser is fire resistant; the installation instructions are clear.

You even get a pair of gloves so the optical system remains clean during installation. It also gives an excellent quality of light with good vertical illumination (useful for video conferencing), low glare and good modelling on people. The diffuser always has a soft, mellow appearance no matter what angle you view it.

The full comparison is available here.

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