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Light(s) on Tour 2022 completes

  • Light(s) on Tour ends
Feb 09, 2023

Over 2,000 visitors joined Light(s) on Tour 2022 at 27 events in 12 countries. 

The Light(s) on tour 2022 event series has finally come to a close after its whirlwind tour of Europe. At over 27 events, the 2,000+ attendees had the exceptional opportunity to explore multiple products and services from Thorn and Zumtobel, the lighting brands of the Zumtobel Group.

It was not just a full range of indoor, outdoor, and services solutions available for guests to explore, the Light(s) on tour teams also demonstrated solutions for multiple application areas including Office and Education, Retail, Industry, Art & Culture, Architectural, Road, Urban Life, and Sports.

Across France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, and the UK, Light(s) on tour was held in eminent and exclusive locations. Guests were welcomed by the regional and central teams, while expert key-note speakers discussed important topics including architecture, lighting, sustainability, dark skies, and light pollution.

"Our Light(s) on tour roadshow concept allows us to focus on the specific requirements of the individual markets. With this roadshow, we bring our portfolio and lighting solutions directly to the customer. All events are tailored to the respective local market needs, ensuring that we can address customers on site in a targeted way. We are very pleased with the success of Light(s) on tour and hope for an even greater response in 2023."
— Alfred Felder, CEO Zumtobel Group

Customers were guided through bespoke interactive stands to see first-hand the latest products and technologies with our experts. The events always drew to a relaxed close with delicious foods and refreshing regional drinks, served to guests while they shared insights and mingled long into the night.

"We have been so fortunate to meet so many interesting people from all over Europe in person. Light(s) on tour 2022 was a truly international event that celebrated and engaged with our extensive network of clients. We were able to listen to their needs, to give them hands-on experience and to connect with each other once again. 2022’s events were a tremendous success, and we will look forward to taking Light(s) on tour back on the road in 2023 to do it."
— Ovidiu-Radu PetreacaChief Sales Officer, Lighting Brands

The industry is ever evolving and 2022’s events series reflected this and the key topics that need to be addressed. Each event highlighted regional leaders in sustainability who spoke to the audience on the subject and their work on this complex and vital topic.

As well as hearing from leaders in sustainability, the products and services available to explore at Light(s) on tour included Zumtobel Spectrum technology, the LED lighting for offices that imitates natural daylight to increase general well-being. There were examples of how to calculate the damage potential caused by luminaires on paintings and art pieces for cultural institutions to see for themselves. Our experts demonstrated the ways in which the right type of product housing should be selected depending on the environmental needs for industrial spaces. There was also the chance to experience Thorn’s Plurio and NightTune, urban and street solutions that support ecology, boasting sixteen IDA (International Dark-Sky Association) accredited Dark Sky-approved product families.

"The Light(s) on Tour Series of 2022 was a great opportunity to get back close to our customers and partners in all key markets where we operate, especially after the Covid-19 shutdowns, with both lighting brands and their respective solutions’ portfolio. The collaboration with the CEM Experience and Corporate Architecture teams has been excellent and the events a real success. We will take the lessons learned from this series into the next one in order to further improve and innovate our concept to position this type of event as a recognized reference in the branch."
— Francois SchoentgenSVP, Brand and Portfolio Management

Light(s) on tour began back in 2016 and evolved to what it is today. Light(s) on tour is dynamic, responding to the demands and changes of today’s modern life. The event concept combines live solutions presentations, interactive digital tools, and application stories with vibrant and informative key-notes sessions. It was an event designed to take Thorn Lighting and Zumtobel Lighting out to people, to enable teams to meet clients and customers in their cities, and to give as many people as possible the chance to see the complete product and service suite from the two brands.

Since its foundation, Light(s) on tour has delivered over 110 events all around Europe and APAC, with more than 7,400 attendees from 75 cities participating. Looking to the future, Light(s) on tour is due to return in 2023 with even more locations, even more guests, and importantly, even more opportunities for our clients and customers to experience what we have available to help make life better; for them and all those who experience light. We look forward to welcoming you all in 2023.


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