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New evidence on street lighting

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Apr 01, 2022

New evidence found to suggest that street lighting existed 28,000 years ago

*April Fools 2022* Thank you to all of our friends, customers and colleagues for liking and enjoying our trickery below. Street lighting was not discovered 28,000 years ago - but we hope that the technologies and innovations we make at Thorn today will play their part in the creating the very best lighting of tomorrow - for people, places and the environment!

New evidence found to suggest that street lighting existed 28,000 years ago.

Archeologists conducting research funded by Thorn Lighting have this week found evidence that street lighting may have played a significant role during the Ice Age.

The researchers excavating caves in the mountainous state of Voralberg in Austria have unearthed drawings depicting what would today be considered a pole mounted luminaire.

Martin Thompson, the leading archaeologist at the dig site said, “This is one of the most fascinating discoveries in recent years. Previously, it was understood that cavemen travelled frequently, and therefore used firelight for wayfinding. These new drawings shed light on the fact that this civilization was more developed than previously thought. If they did indeed use a form of street lighting, it shows that communities, or tribes coexisted and set up permanent or semi-permanent homesteads”.

The excavation will continue for another six weeks, after which further findings will be published.

And to anyone who has read this far - Happy April Fool's Day from all of us at Thorn Lighting! 

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