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New releases: indoor and outdoor lighting solutions

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Apr 28, 2022

Edition 1|2022

At Thorn, we make light work for you. Whether you’re lighting a new, contemporary office space or refurbishing a dated classroom, we have indoor luminaires that look good and perform even better.

The same goes for outdoor spaces, where our luminaires are functional, efficient and increasingly dark sky-friendly.

So whatever your application, when you think lighting, Think Thorn.

Continue reading to discover our newest products and the enhancements made to our existing portfolio.

Novaline Style - Combining contemporary looks and versatility 

Novaline Style is an elegant and slim circular luminaire that provides diffuse light from the front and a subtle 10% backlight. It can be wall or ceiling mounted and suspended with an elegant rod or wire suspension pendant.

Designed to look great in areas that people move through, Novaline Style is just as stylish in social spaces like breakout zones. It’s a versatile choice for many applications, from office and education to healthcare, retail, hospitality and residential. In addition, integrated wireless communication allows for Bluetooth control and commissioning. 

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Product enhancements 

Voyager RF  our range of emergency luminaires just got better. Selected models now come with wireless functionality, meaning easy maintenance for end users by eliminating manual testing for operation and battery health. Wireless communication also means refurbishment projects can be completed quicker and cheaper without the need for new cable installations. 

College  the latest options for this indoor luminaire include integrated sensors, Variable Colour Temperature (VCT) technology and basicDIM wireless. These additions mean College now appeals to a wider range of applications, including healthcare, where College’s new nightlight mode means hospital wards can be lit safely without disturbing patients.  A new lithium-iron battery also provides improved emergency lighting functionality. 

Avenue F2  now available with new optics and design that limits upward light to just 0.4%, Thorn’s iconic post-top lantern can satisfy stringent ‘Dark Skies’ criteria, making it a serious contender for even more demanding outdoor urban lighting projects.

Extensions and upgrades

Contrastour great looking architectural floodlight is now available with a blue LED-only option.

GT LED RSthis tunnel luminaire has been given a refresh. Along with an updated driver and LED engine, GT LED RS now has over 15 light distribution types resulting in a more flexible and efficient solution.

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